TOTALIEN ENDUSTRIYEL URUNLER SAN. TIC. LTD. STI. is a progressive, customer- focused company, we are manufacturer and distributor of the quality products at lower prices, to our customers through continuous improvement at Istanbul head office and at middle east Office has been service .

PLUGLINE as a brand of TOTALIEN emerges as a leading manufacturer and distributer of pipe plugs, pipe test plugs, joint tester, packers and pipe line repairing and cleaning accessories,

PLUGLINE manufactures and distributes quality materials at a reasonable cost, and as its standard sustainable products but also develop many customized and unique custom- made solutions for temporary sealing or stopping the fluid flow in a pipeline,

PLUGLINE have custom made solutions also for leak testing and by-passing the flow, blocking the ends of pipes to prevent the entry of dirt and other contaminants during construction, maintenance or repair of pipelines

It will be our pleasure to assist you during your projects, in our platform find products information anytime, anywhere, no more waiting for quotes, there is a lot of products in that platform, we customize and diversify our products to ensure to find your relevant products to your business

Our specialist and dedicated multi-disciplined team of engineers offers dedicated support from design stage to installation stage, through manufacturing and testing, with a Professional large-scale production base.

PLUGLINE marketing own products to Europe, North Africa and Middle East Countries by innovative shipping solutions to get them to site more affordably with reduced lead times. such as CIF, DAP, DDP, EXW, On-site service

We have a clear purpose for the vision and mission of the company. Our vision is meeting customer’s expectations through advanced product development and we are committed to provide proactive attitude by finding the best solutions with competitive price for our clients, meeting client’s quality expectations on-time and guarantee the reliability of our products.

We believe that honesty and integrity engender trust with commitment and quality. We are dedicated to provide a strong supporting hand to our clients through continuous improvement as our mission.